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3Rs course at Armathwaite, February 2018

Thank you for another refreshing and thought provoking course Kathy!!!

My practice has  improved so much by taking on board many of your ideas from the last course: getting rid of morning play time, introducing independent writing books, using the continuous provision prompt sheets in the areas of learning, introducing Plan, Do, Review throughout the unit, releasing staff from the need to do lengthy observations, not needing to attend upper school staff meetings and instead taking eyfs staff meetings. Brilliant!

My challenges from today will be to build regular guided reading and writing sessions into the week, reduce the pressure on hearing individual readers so much, and making sure that both nursery and reception can have a structured framework for the delivery of short and focused whole class inputs for literacy and maths, linking with play opportunities and existing good practice. Lots of good practical tips to go back and share too.

Thank you!



Forgot to add the other major change to our practice following your course last year and that was getting rid of themes, instead following the chns interests. You had a big impact!!

January 2017

"I would just like to say I found the course today very informative! You certainly have the passion and drive to inform and inspire EYFS practitioners! I have came away today with lots of thoughts especially about why and how we are delivering EYFS in the pre school. I feel as though I'm on the right path and am able to justify this and hopefully coach our team to have a greater confidence in themselves as practitioners in how we are moving forward.

Hopefully we can attend further training that you are running!

Yours sincerely


January 2017

"Hello Kathy,

its always a worry booking on a course when, as you know, school budgets are so tight. I knew nothing about who you but the course information looked as if it was perfect for my needs. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend today, it has certainly been worth every penny and I hope that my school will see the benefit of me attending and that I can be part of your other courses.

I have written a list of the documents that would be so useful electronically...but it seems to be everything I fear! If this is not ok, I understand.... here goes!

  1. Early years improvement planning
  2. Self assessment in Statutory Welfare Requirements
  3. Tracking highlighter sheets for each stage of learning and development continuous provision overview
  4. Planning examples

Many thanks once again for an extremely worthwhile day.


"Fab course and discussion this afternoon on outdoor learning.

Thanks again.


"Dear Kathy

Thank you for speaking at our conference yesterday. The feedback has been very positive and the event a huge success.

We were also pleased that you loved the creativity in our school and value the comments that you made regarding our displays, scrapbooks and welcoming staff.


"Hi Kathy,

We were very inspired by your talk at the early years conference yesterday and wanted to change a few things in our setting.

Could we please get a copy of your nursery and reception continuous provision planning. This would really help us move forward. 

Many thanks,


"Hi Kathy,

I was on your Ofsted course last month at Beckett's farm. Might I say it was a fantastic course and gave me a lot to work upon as a new EYFS Phase Leader.

I have completed a hand-written 'Preparing for Ofsted' document that you handed out.



I have just returned home from your fantastic course and it has given me so much more enthusiasm for the outdoors.


"Dear Kathy,

You are the best 'trainer' I have encountered, and I haven't done too badly with my professional development courses!

Thanks again,


"Hi Kathy,

As promised,  the feedback from Friday:

"Thank you Kathy – really informative."

"Brilliant! Lots of ideas and things to really think about!"

"Kathy was a pleasure to listen to.  Have so much to share with my team mates. We shall be looking carefully at our environment. Thank you. Lovely lunch too!"

"I have some useful ideas to take back to school with me on Monday."

"Informative training that provided the opportunity to reflect upon practice."

"Inspiring and motivating – thank you so much."

"Thank you for reinforcing everything I believe early years should be."

"I would like to go on additional courses, particularly the planning and observations.'

"A very useful course, delivered with the real world of EYFS in mind (and lots of handy OFSTED tips)."

"Examples of teacher directed plans for activities. Overview of the whole classroom and outdoor area (what they look like, how they all fit in)."

The average rating was 9.47



"Hi Kathy,

Hope all is well. Just to let you know that I had Ofsted at my school, and EYFS got outstanding! Thank you for your support since my appointment in April 2014, you have certainly influenced my leadership and teaching in EYFS,

Thanks again,


"Hi Kathy 

Thank you so much for your inspirational key note speech last Friday!  My colleague and I are very motivated to get outdoor learning better in our setting.

Thank you very much


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